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HDPE Geocell With Hole


Established in 2008, Huatao Group is a large-scale high-tech enterprise specializing in Geosynthetics Materials. In 2017, Huatao Group Open a new Department at Yunnan, China. 

According to reports, after more than 20 years of development, the Geosynthetics industry has become an independent industry. In recent years, under the guidance of a series of laws and policies formulated by the national paint industry, the Geosynthetics, especially the Geotextiles, has gradually taken the lead. In 2010, the national, local and industry issued a series of documents and regulations for low-carbon environmental protection for Geosynthetics industry. According to industry sources, 2010 is the first year for Chinese Geosynthetics manufacturing. Huatao Group, a professional Geosynthetics manufacturer, has launched five measures in this year, intensively and heavily. Laid the company's leading position in the field of Geo Materials.

According to reports, at the beginning of 2010, Huatao Group was the first in the industry to introduce a highly efficient Geosynthetics with the advantages of “low carbon, environmental protection, high efficiency, and low cost”. 

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